Mission Statement

Our team believes in listening to our patients and responding to their individual wants and needs. We deliver complete dental health solutions backed by a strong desire to meet and exceed our patients' expectations. We are guided by the principles of integrity, quality, value, and service. With these principles in mind, we strive to make beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime!

Guiding principles and actions:

Integrity – We plan to earn and maintain our patients’ trust indefinitely

  • Encourage and assist the patient to choose their best option
  • Assure quality of workmanship to achieve long lasting results
  • Accurately diagnose patient needs and encourage desired and necessary treatment only
  • Ensure fair and transparent financial policies and maintaining accurate financial record keeping
  • Do unto others as you would do unto yourself

Service – Making the patient experience as simple and satisfying as possible

  • Display friendly and pleasant communication style with patients to the point that they feel as welcome in our office as a dear friend in your home
  • Minimize the effort asked of patients to make our service easy to use
  • Maximize patient communication, especially listening, but also recall efforts, treatment options, financial arrangements, appointment confirmations, and payment inquiries.

Value – Providing more value to the patient than we receive from the patient

  • Control cost to make a profit with reasonable fees
  • Understand and deliver on patient desires
  • Deliver the highest quality of care possible to a level that would be expected of more expensive dental offices

Quality – Meeting and exceeding rigorous standards of quality to ensure the greatest and longest lasting results.

  • Ensure that each patient and procedure is given adequate time
  • Utilize high quality materials and apply them correctly
  • Expect and assure high quality products from laboratory partners
  • Evaluate our work with the purpose of continuous improvement
  • Exercise effective team communication
  • Acquire the technology that will result in the greatest benefit to the patient

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